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Autumn - A Toy Story

In our 'A Toy Story' topic, we will be delving into the Victorian era and comparing their toys with modern day toys for a History focused topic. Together we will be exploring similarities and differences and gain a strong understanding of what these words mean.  


During our Maths learning this term we will be, consolidating place value to 20, practicing addition and subtraction within 10 and exploring 2D and 3D shapes including listing their properties. 


Autumn Topic:

A Toy Story


This half term we will be focusing on the following this enquiry question within our topic: 

  • Some people say that toys have not changed over the years – do you agree? 


Key texts this term include: 

  • The Colour Monster Goes Back to School - Anna Llenas 

  • Too Many Toys - David Shannon 

  • The History of Toys - Helen Cox Cannons  

  • Lost in the Toy Museum - David Lucas