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Summer - Who's the King of the Castle

In our 'Who's the King of the Castle' topic, we will be delving into the lives of castle goers and exploring how their lives differed from ours now. We will use geographical knowledge to decide where in our local area we might decide to build a castle and develop our design technology and art skills to expand our defensive strategies!


Summer Topic:

Who's the King of the Castle?


This half term we will be focusing on the following these enquiry questions within our topic:

  • Who lives in a castle?
  • What makes a good castle?


Key texts this term include:

  • The Once Upon a Time Map Book - B.G. Hennessy
  • The Very Last Castle - Travis Jonker
  • The Castle the King Built - Rebecca Colby and Tom Froese
  • Look Inside a Castle - Usborne 
  • Castles - Usborne 
  • What Were Castles for? - Usborne