Westvale Park

Primary Academy

Always Children First

Art and Design Technology

At Westvale Park have designed an exciting and progressive curriculum for Art and Design that inspires, engages and challenges all pupils. It provides our children with a range of opportunities to create, investigate and develop a rich foundation of artistic vocabulary, knowledge and skills. Pupils are encouraged to take risks, explore new ideas and techniques, and share their imagination and experiences in a supportive environment where there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ result, making it accessible for all. 


Our Art and Design curriculum provides children with the opportunity to:


  • explore and develop their creativity, own interpretations and self-expression
  • develop their technical art skills and techniques using a wide range of media and materials, including printing, painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, textiles and digital media
  • discover and experiment alongside direct high quality teaching. 


Pupils are taught to enjoy the artistic process as well as instilling a sense of pride in their creative outcomes, resulting in happy, confident and independent learners. As well as working individually, pupils may also work collaboratively with others, requiring cooperation and team work.  


Children are introduced to the works of a broad and balanced range of great artists, designers and crafts people. This allows them to experience cultural diversity and the wonders of the wider world. They are given the opportunity to develop their critical thinking and communication skills by evaluating and discussing their own work and that of others in a respectful and considerate way. Through being given these opportunities, children learn many transferable skills which can be applied across other curriculum subjects and will help them to develop creatively, intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially, preparing them for life within and beyond Westvale Park.


Westvale Park uses art as a vehicle to celebrate different festivals throughout the year. In addition, the arts are used as a tool to promote community cohesion and wider experiences.



At Westvale Park we have designed a curriculum for Design Technology that allows children to develop a wide range of knowledge across different areas of technology. Children are required to develop their understanding of each stage of the design and make process. 


Through exploring existing products and techniques, children are able to gain the knowledge and skills required to create designs that match the criteria of the design brief. When making products, children are taught to use an increasing range of tools and equipment in a safe and effective manner within the classroom environment. Evaluation of their final products is a key part of the design and make process and the children are encouraged to be critical about their own and others products which allows them to make improvements in their knowledge and skills over time.


Our Design Technology curriculum provides children with the opportunity to develop the following key concepts:

  • Creativity and imagination
  • Problem solving
  • Innovation

These concepts are evident across the whole Design Technology curriculum. Prior knowledge of the concepts is continually built upon enabling the children to progress and further their learning.


Pupils are taught to approach design problems with energy and enthusiasm; considering new and innovative ways to approach the tasks they are given. Children may work independently or as part of a group, where ideas are shared and discussed allowing for the best final design and product. Through this collaborative work, children are courage to be creative in their thinking as well as valuing the contributions of others. 


Children will have the opportunity to work with mechanisms; food; wood; circuits and textiles during their journey through the Design Technology curriculum. Children are also supported to understand a range of manufacturing processes and significant innovations in technology. Whilst developing this understanding children are asked to consider how these changes impacted the lives of people living at the time as well as considering how technology influences so many aspects of our lives today.