Westvale Park

Primary Academy

Always Children First


Westvale Park Primary Academy features rich multimedia to supplement all facets of learning — Maths, Science, English and the Humanities curriculum — and infuse technology into experiential activities.  In-class computer usage improves learning in two main ways. Firstly, computer software allows frequent monitoring of pupil progress at individual and class levels. Secondly, it enables children of different abilities to work at levels that both challenge and support them.


We provide pupils with keyboard and mouse skills so they can make full use of computers for a range of curriculum applications, including English and Mathematics.  Our curriculum is taught using ICT and the children need to research projects using ICT. We teach e-safety right from the start to safeguard well-being when pupils are online. 


The computing curriculum sequence pacer ensures coverage of skills that are progressive and challenging for all children. Teachers benefit from the using the Rising Stars scheme. Planning enables children to access the computing curriculum at school and at home.