Westvale Park

Primary Academy

Always Children First

Happy Bunnies Nursery

Welcome to Happy Bunnies Nursery Class!



Nursery Teacher: Mrs C Kloppenborg

Nursery Practitioner:  Miss B Seager

Nursery Practitioner:  Miss B Newland

Nursery Practitioner: Mr Z Mitchinson

Nursery Administrator: Heidi Ledger



At Happy Bunnies Nursery, our priority is that our children feel safe, secure and happy throughout their learning journey. We aim to provide care and support that develops children's confidence and personal, social and emotional well-being. We believe that children should be exposed to a range of sensory activities that really support the development of language and communication, physical capabilities and problem solving. 


'Play is the work of childhood' - Jean Piaget




Big Wide World

The happy bunnies have enjoyed the topic, 'Big Wide World'. We started off with learning how to take care of our world and enjoyed a litter scavenger hunt. We then learnt about different methods of transport and people who help us, and enjoyed pretending to be on a bus. We looked at different communities and compared different people, clothing, food and animals around the world. We enjoyed having some our children sharing traditional clothing from their cultures with us. Next, we learnt all about pirates and treasure maps. We found a treasure map in our classroom that was left by a pirate and followed the map to find some treasure. We then made our own treasure maps and looked at real maps and different geographical features. We talked about holidays around the world and role played going on an aeroplane. We were also lucky to have some fun water play days in the warm weather.