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Happy Bunnies Nursery

Welcome to Happy Bunnies Nursery Class!



Nursery Teacher: Mr Z Mitchinson

Nursery Practitioner:  Miss B Seager

Nursery Practitioner:  Miss B Newland

Nursery Administrator: Mrs H Ledger



At Happy Bunnies Nursery, our priority is that our children feel safe, secure and happy throughout their learning journey. We aim to provide care and support that develops children's confidence and personal, social and emotional well-being. We believe that children should be exposed to a range of sensory activities that really support the development of language and communication, physical capabilities and problem solving. 


'Play is the work of childhood' - Jean Piaget




Starry Night

The Happy Bunnies have been enjoying the topic, 'Starry Night'. We started off learning about night time celebrations such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and Diwali and the children all dressed up in their favourite Halloween costumes. Next, we learnt about the differences between day and night, with a focus on nocturnal animals. We were so lucky to have Ranger Stu to introduce us to some real nocturnal animals which the children were brave enough to touch. We then looked at people who work at night time and had exciting visits from real doctors, nurses, a police officer, a pilot and a DJ! We also learnt about space and what we might see if we went on a trip to the moon. To end off our topic we learnt about the Winter celebrations of Hannukah and Christmas. We learnt about the Christmas story and really enjoyed taking part in the Early Years Nativity. We also talked about Christmas traditions and all of the Happy bunnies made decorations and hung them on our tree. They wrote letters to Santa, and we even had one of Santa's elves come to visit!