Westvale Park

Primary Academy

Always Children First


‘I couldn’t be happier with our school choice; I’ve been so impressed with how all the staff have welcomed the children in and helped them settle into school life. After 6 months at home together during lockdown, I was apprehensive about how we’d all adjust, but my boys are very happy and come home telling us new things they’ve experienced each day. The outside space is fantastic and my boys love it! I can’t think of anything I would change.’ Hannah (reception parent)

In our July 2021 parental voice survey 100% of responders said that they would recommend Westvale to another parent.  100% agreed that their children were happy in school. 100% agreed that their children were safe in school. 

The staff have created such an amazing school. Our child has had the best first year at school despite any Covid-19 related restrictions. Such a wonderful team that really care about the children! 

The Head of School is very approachable and all staff are so welcoming, we couldn't ask for a better school for our children. We are so glad we chose Westvale, you have given our children (and us) such fantastic memories from this difficult year.

Great school, great teachers, my child looks forward to coming to school EVERY day! Couldn't be prouder that my child attends Westvale and everyone's noticed how much my son has grown in confidence this year.