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School Uniform

Westvale Park Primary Academy and Nursery Uniform


Our uniform supplier is Monkhouse Schoolwear Specialists (previously Sussex Uniforms) - please see the link to their webpage above.


They will provide Logo items. Supermarkets offer a cheaper alternative for uniform items without a Logo, which is advisable for spares. 


Please also watch out for our pre loved uniform sales from POW (Parents of Westvale) or contact them on 


NURSERY (Parental choice)
•    White polo shirt with Westvale Park logo
•    Round neck grey sweatshirt or cardigan with Westvale Park logo
•    Black joggers

Westvale Book Bag for visits to our library


•    White shirt
•    Knitted grey jumper or cardigan with Westvale Park logo
•    Black trousers/smart shorts or black skirt/tunic/pinafore
•    Black shoes
•    Grey, white or green tights/socks
•    Westvale Park Tie (standard or elastic available) 
•    Westvale Park book bag (backpacks and pencil cases are only required from Year 3)
•    Small green hair accessories

Summer option:
•    Green gingham dress (can be worn after Easter break until October half term)

P.E. KIT (To be worn on scheduled PE day)
•    Black shorts 
•    White T shirt with Westvale logo 
•    Indoors – plimsolls (or bare feet)    
•    Outdoors – trainers
•    Hair tied back

Winter option:
•    Round neck green/black sweatshirt 
•    Green/black tracksuit bottoms 


•    Should be black and a reasonable style for school use, with fasteners the child can do up and undo independently.
•    They should not be trainers or boots, nor should girls' shoes be low cut, peep-toe, sling-back, platform or have small narrow heels or wedges. 
•    Please note that because of Health and Safety issues, heel height should not be more than 2cm. 
•    Boots may be worn to school in inclement weather but should be changed on arrival into school shoes.


•    Should be knee-length and of appropriate style for school.


•    Children should not wear jewellery in school unless they have pierced ears when they may wear studs.  Sleepers are not permitted in school as they may get caught and could tear earlobes.
•    Studs MUST BE REMOVED for all PE lessons and your child must be able to remove and put back their earrings themselves – members of staff are not permitted to do this for pupils.
•    If you decide to have your child’s ears pierced, please ensure this is done at the start of the Summer Holidays so by the time they return to school they can remove earrings for PE lessons and other physical activities. 
•    An inexpensive watch is the only other item of jewellery that is permitted (with any audible beeps switched off).  Watches that have the function to take photos or videos are not permitted in school.
•    Please note that no other item of jewellery is permitted to be worn to school (e.g. necklaces, rings, bracelets or hanging earrings).
•    This is also the same for own-clothes/mufti or themed days in school.

•    We do not allow children to come to school during term time with dyed hair or hairstyles with shaved designs or logos in them.  
•    Hair longer than shoulder length must be tied back.  
•    Hair accessories should be ‘Westvale green’ or white only.
•    Hair must be tied back for all physical education lessons.


We endeavor to achieve a high standard in all our activities at school and we expect this to be reflected in the appearance of all our pupils.