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The Westvale Curriculum

An Inspiring Curriculum 


Westvale Park deliver a carefully crafted curriculum that meets our vision that every child should be at the centre of everything we do.  Our educational plan features an innovative curriculum, a high degree of connectivity and personalised attention, intensive continuous professional development of our staff and constructivist, pupil-centred learning. The curriculum has been strategically planned and fully resourced, from the outset.

Westvale Park follows the Early Years Framework and the National Curriculum. 


The Westvale Way


Westvale Park recognises that so much in life depends on being a good communicator, so it is vital that our children learn the importance of good oracy from a young age. Good communication and language skills support children’s ability to learn, think about and understand the world, and how to interact with others. A language-rich curriculum is evident from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) onwards, with many opportunities for children to perform and to voice their opinions.  All children are assessed on entry to ensure early language skills are supported. 

Staff and children use our great spaces for outdoor learning. By committing to learning both inside and outside the classroom, Westvale Park can teach children that learning occurs everywhere, all the time.
High-quality, outdoor learning experiences are proven to develop:

  • reflective and inquisitive thinking along with problem solving approaches in real life context
  • resilience and adaptability, allowing children to identify risks and hazards
  • a love, appreciation and respect for nature
  • an understanding of how we can look after the environment
  • self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem
  • collaborative-working and communication skills
  • positive health benefits – both mentally and physically
  • a lifelong love of the outdoors

We have a full-time forest school lead who ensures sessions are carefully woven into our curriculum. Children from nursery to year 6 receive a weekly session. Westvale children also enjoy looking after our garden patches and animals. 


The school’s interior matches the outdoor learning vision by offering calm, natural colours and textures and a range of spaces to offer optimal learning opportunities. This in turn supports our ‘Wellbeing and Promoting Positive Behaviour’ policy.

All stakeholders of the school refer to Growth-Mindset Learning Theory, developed by Dr Carol Dweck. This is based around the belief that anyone can improve intelligence, ability and performance. This means that by helping pupils to develop a Growth Mindset, we can help them to learn more effectively and efficiently, and continuously develop their metacognition. Pupils at Westvale Park will learn the power of ‘yet’ and learn to celebrate mistakes. We use and teach yoga, meditation and self-awareness techniques to equip children with the tools to maintain balance in their well-being throughout their lives. Staff reflect our values by being reflective and curious, looking for ways to adapt and improve learning experiences for all pupils at all times.

Year 1 pupils continue to learn through a play-based approach to the national curriculum. Our approach will make the transition from EYFS to Key Stage 1 as smooth as possible. Students build on the excellent foundation laid in the early years, providing a solid platform for children to make progress in school, and develop as lifelong learners. As pupils progress through Key Stage 1, a thematic approach to curriculum delivery, centred on the humanities, will remain prominent, supplemented by subject-specific lessons in science, computing, PSHE/RSE, music and PE. 


Our specialist practical room affords the curriculum further exciting opportunities by offering a safe and well equipped space to carry out cookery, design and technology and science experiments!  


Our well stocked library ensures that children have a beautiful space to go each week to enjoy reading for pleasure. On top of book bag books that are pitched to their level of phonics, children can take home a book from the library to share with their family. 


In the core subjects we believe that early mastery of  basic skills is vital to enable children to succeed in every phase. Through careful observation, assessment and early identification, we ensure a ‘keep up’ rather than a ‘catch up’ approach. There is daily opportunities for overlearning and reinforcement alongside multi-sensory, research-based interventions.


Above all else, our curriculum is fun!


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