Westvale Park

Primary Academy

Always Children First


Summer 1 - Sunshine and Sunflowers

In the Sunshine and Sunflowers project your child will explore their local environment and see how it has changed throughout the year. They will grow flowers, fruit and vegetables in the garden area. They will go on minibeast hunts and talk about how to care for small creatures and build a home for them. They will learn how to care for plants, identifying some different types in order to grow them. Children will also learn how to be healthy and understand the difference between healthy food and food to eat in moderation. We will continue to have Well-Being Wednesday, spending time in the garden and physical development in the playground where they will play on the bikes and scooters, learn how to throw a ball overhand and forwards with confidence and how to keep a ball under control.


Supporting your child at home 

  • Grow some quick growing plants together, such as salad leaves, radishes or cress. 

  • Plan and go on a picnic. 

  • Go on a local walk and talk about the changes that have happened to living things throughout the year. 


Key Texts 


The Very Busy Spider

Mad About Minibeasts

The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

Little Sunflower

Jasper's Beanstalk




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