Westvale Park

Primary Academy

Always Children First


Maths is all around us. Learning to understand the number system is one of the most important things that any child will do at our school. So much learning depends on a secure grasp of number and we prioritise giving children opportunities to deepen their understanding. Our goal is for all children to be confident mathematicians and resilient problem solvers who can access a wide range of mathematical contexts and clearly articulate their reasoning. Children are taught Maths every day. We want pupils to develop a love for mathematics and that playing with numbers can be fun. 


Our pupils foster a real love of numbers and to establish children as lifelong problem solvers, in an ever-changing world. We promote both individual depth of knowledge and collaborative, problem solving skills. We set a high profile for maths in our school and everyone across the school community helps to promote its importance.


Lessons are planned and sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before. Additionally, teachers plan lessons that cater for different styles of learning and abilities. Physical resources (e.g. Numicon, Dienes), pictures and numbers are used alongside each other to support the children’s journey from concrete, to pictorial and then to abstract. Real life contexts give maths purpose for pupils, as well as ensuring that it is engaging. We ensure a mastery approach is taught with plenty of variation, so that children embed what they have learnt before moving on.


Staff refer to the Calculation Policy when teaching formal methods, understanding that sometimes children have their own efficient methods that they employ. Workshops and online tutorials will be offered to parents so that they can support their children at home.


Fluency lesson starters, including times table practice, is included in every maths lesson, and all children have access to interactive resources where they can compete against other pupils in school and at home. Problem solving will be evident in weekly plans, in which teachers use ‘low floor, high ceiling’ tasks to cater for all abilities and teach explicit problem-solving skills e.g. working systematically, trial and improvement.


Numicon is an approach to teaching maths that helps children to see connections between numbers. Westvale Park use Numicon from nursery onwards to support children as they learn early maths skills. It is a multi-sensory way of learning, which means each child will learn by seeing and feeling to ensure a strong sense of number from EYFS onwards.