Westvale Park

Primary Academy

Always Children First

Art and DT

Taught through the curriculum topic, Art and Design Technology (DT) is a fascinating area for students of all ages. We exploit this interest by ensuring that pupils have opportunities not only to link the subject area with life, which is becoming richer by the day due to technology of all kinds, but also to develop an appropriate level of understanding, for example by linking the characteristics of materials to their common uses. Together with computing, this subject area serves all parts of our curriculum and we will use transferable skills’ development in aspects such as problem solving and collaborative working. Westvale Park has a specialist practical room to ensure that children have the space and tools to carry out DT safely and with the right equipment. Opportunities to cook in school will be offered, from Nursery.


Westvale Park follows subject pacers to ensure coverage of skills and rates of progress, always following National Curriculum objectives. Westvale Park uses art as a vehicle to celebrate different festivals throughout the year. In addition, the arts are used as a tool to promote community cohesion and wider experiences.